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ProActive Alliance
A partnership of multiple comprehensive therapies to better serve
the physical needs of our patients.
"More than just another physical therapy practice."
Point Balance Acupuncture, LLC

Our licensed acupuncturist is certified in Oriental Sports Medicine Motor Point & Trigger Point Therapy for optimal muscular and joint pain relief.  Combining Traditional Chinese Acupuncture with state-of-the-art Western Biomedical Acupuncture, treating muscle imbalances, joint mobility, and pain while benefiting and treating the body as a whole.


Affordable Back & Body Werks®

  I have been helping clients with their relaxation & alternative body therapies

since 1998!  Licensed, Certified, Registered Massage Therapy practitioner and Deep Tissue Laser Therapist. Let my extensive training in massage therapy and my passion for total healing on the physical, mental and spiritual levels help you reach greater vitality, health and well-being.

Antonette "Toni" Gurule-Ford



ProActive Light Therapy,LLC

Uses noninvasive high powered Class IV laser (LightForce FX) to promote tissue healing and reduce pain.  A Class IV laser can penetrate deeper than other forms of laser and is a safe alternative to pain medication.  Tendinitis, fasciitis, acute sports injuries, neurologic pain, arthritis, joint pain, fracture, post surgical pain and whiplash all respond well to this type of laser. 

Dixie Frank Rolfing®, LLC

Rolfing® Structural Integration influences posture, patterns of repetitive and habitual use, and movement through addressing restrictions in the connective tissue, leaving clients feeling more upright, fluid in movement, and connected throughout their body. (719)339-2188

Colorado Springs' first choice for innovative therapies

ProActive Alliance believes in helping people continue healthy, active lifestyles through multiple innovative therapies. You do not have to live with and accept physical discomfort as the norm.

ProActive Alliance

9320 Grand Cordera Parkway, Suite 125

Colorado Springs, CO 80924

(719) 535-2757

Monday – Friday  08:00AM – 5:00PM

Closed Saturday and Sunday

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